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Sunbula is a not-for-profit organization, registered as charity/public institution No. 58-027-109-96. Sunbula's purposes are:

1 To encourage and to promote local handicrafts for self-help groups, particularly women's organizations.

2 To encourage, develop and promote folklore and art productions.

3 To help, guide, support and train in handicrafts, folklore and art productions.

4 To help develop management and promotional skills among self-help groups.

5 To develop links with any person or organization with similar purposes.

Sunbula engages in product development and product management activities with self-help producer groups, and in outreach activities consistent with its association purposes with like-minded persons or organizations.

Sunbula is committed to promoting fair trade and social justice in the interest of marginalized producers. Sunbula is a member of the International Federation of Alternative Trade (IFAT) and espouses the fair trade values outlined in IFAT's Code of Practice.

Sunbula is the Arabic word for a spike of grain.

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Mission statement for Sunbula