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Bags and purses

Item Info Price Colour Size Qty Order
Canvas Tote

Comfortable 100% cotton canvas tote bag. Durable, washable and attractive. Two pockets, one on the inside, one on the front. Strap design comes in a leaf pattern (shown) or in a colourfull geometric pattern of small squares. Light brown with black bottom.
Made by IDN.

Leaf pattern, shown 31x41cm $27
Geometric pattern 31x41cm $27
Majdalawi Glasses Case Made of handwoven indigo cotton cloth. Embroidered in complementary colours. Velcro closure. Made by IDN. 8x17cm $16.25
Majdalawi Purses Two types of Majdalaawi purses. To the right with fold over flap, black rope and vertical band of embroidery. Left with horizontal band. Made by IDN. Vertical 14x18cm $18.75
Horizontal 15x18cm $16.25
Beach Tote This fun tote can be filled with goodies for trips to the beach or simply an expedition to the post office! 100% cotton. Embroidered band around upper edge. Made by IDN. 18x34cm $16
30x46cm $20
Cream Satchel Natural white with shades of blue or black. Two tassels hang below the bag. 100% handspun wool. Made by SID. Blue on white 40x37cm $63
Black on white 40x37cm $63
Red Satchels Traditional bag used by Bedouins to carry food and supplies on desert journeys. The bag has transcended generations. Made from 100% handspun wool. Green, black and natural accents on red base. Made by SID. Square model 37x37cm $45
Rectangular model 30x37cm $44
Pencil Case Great for school supplies or artist's pens. In shades of red, blue or brown. Made by PAS. 20x7cm $9
Embroidered Bags Shoulder bag (back left). Zipper closing. With dividers and pockets to hold all your valuables. Made by PAS. 34x42cm $42
Shoulder purse (back right). Zipper top and front zipper pockets. Made by PAS. 19x20cm $22
All-purpose bag (front left). From make-up to medication and jewelry, this will carry it all. Zipper closure, no shoulder strap. Made by PAS. 15x20cm $12
Passport purse (front right). A thin purse perfect for carrying documents. Two outside pockets. Made by PAS. 15x20cm $12
Stylish Bag and Purse Purse (back). Ideal size for any occasion. Embroidered in red or blue. Cotton with a crocheted shoulder strap. Made by BAWU. 16x17cm $16
Small embroidered bag (front). A lovely pattern in a small purse. Vividly coloured pouch great for cash and credit cards or make-up. Made by UNR. 11x17cm $12
Roundshaped Shoulder Bag A combination of beauty, durability and possibilities. Zipper closing. Inside there are dividers and pockets to hold your valuables. Choose shade of colour. Made by PAS. 34x42cm $42