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Christmas Items

Item Info Size Price Qty Order
Olivewood ornaments

These handcarved holiday decorations will remind you of the Holy Land. Made by artisans of Beit Sahour and Bethlehem.

6cm $6
Nativity Scene Dolls

These whimsical dolls are a favorite at Sunbula! Colourful handmade costumes cover flexible wireframe bodies. Set includes nine pieces. Aprox. 20 cm high. Made by YWCA.

20cm $55
Three Wise Men

Three handsome wise men round out the manger scene. Wire and cloth. Set of three. Made by YWCA.

20cm $32.50
Placemats and napkins

Festive Christmas trees with matching green border accents. Machine washable. Come in a set of four mats and four matching napkins. Made by SWC.

Mats 46x32cm
Napkins 36x36cm
Christmas stockings A nice stocking to be filled with treats for the children. Hand embroidered front will add a special touch to your mantel during the holiday season. Red and green embroidery on black or white background. Made by PAS. 43cm $27
Star Pillow-ettes

Hang on the Christmas tree, pile on your mantel or even on a Christmas dinner table. Sets of 4, two crosses and two stars. Made by SWC.

8x8cm $7,50
Animal Pillow-ettes

Camels and donkeys in assorted colours. Can also be used as pin cushions or to add pizzazz to gift wrapping. Set of 4, two donkeys and two camels. Made by SWC.

9x9cm $9
Xmas Tree Embroidery

Cocktail Party square coaster. Made by SWC.

13x13cm $2

Cocktail Napkin. Made by SWC.

20x20cm $3

Xmas tree runner. Made by SWC.

36x73cm $15

Xmas tree runner. Made by SWC.

37x88cm $19

Xmas tree runner. Made by SWC.

37x112cm $23

Embroidered potholder. Made by SWC.

16x16cm $4,50
Embroidered ornaments

Embroidered with colourful geometric design. White cotton backing. Set of 4, two trees and two bells. Made by SWC.

7cm $9
Wall Hangings

Christmas tree (1st. from left). A decorative hanging for the holiday season. Made by UNR.

42x35cm $18

Santa (2nd. from left). Made by PAS.

21x33cm $19,50

The flight to Egypt (2nd. from right). Made by PAS.

25x33cm $21

Aerobic Santa Claus (1st. from right). Made by PAS.

15x50cm $21