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Cushion Covers

Item Info Colour Size Price Qty Order
Bethlehem Cover Comes in two colours. Red or blue pattern on off-white background. Made by BAWU. 44x44cm $71
Couching Stitch Cover The five star design in full block couching stitch. Made by WCCS 40x40cm $47
49x49cm $55
Qabbe Cover A true heirloom piece inspired by the embroidered front panel of the Palestinian dress from the area of Bethlehem. Primarily red or blue in colour. Made by BAWU. 36x36cm $85
39x39cm $90
46x46cm $119
55x55cm $160
Nahle Cover Cranberry patterning with turquoise, green, red, purple and pink accents. Backing is cranberry coloured. Made by BAWU. 40x43cm $71
51x53cm $99
61x63cm $135
Bedouin Covers

Traditional Bedouin cushion covers have a wool front and cotton backing. Handwoven on ground looms. Made of 100% handspun sheeps wool.

60x60cm $56
75x75cm $88
Floor Cushion Cover Big floor cushions. Great for family movies in the living room or simply to lean against anywhere. Made by PAS. Red with black 60x60cm $78
Blue and green with white 70x75cm $145
Tahriri Stitch Cover These cushion covers are richly decorated with the couching stitch of the Bethlehem area. Made by WCCS. 39x39cm, five star $28
40x40cm, full emb. $47
49x49cm, full emb. $55
Various Cushion Covers
Sampler Cushion Cover A beautiful array of designs and colours on white background. Made by UNR.
1st. row, left 37x45cm $33
Floor Cushion with Style. Four corners in bright colours. Made by UNR. 2nd. row, left 58x58cm $98
Cushion with Spider Pattern. In red on black. Made by UNR.
3rd. row 38x42cm $24
Rich Floor Cushion. Red on black. Made by UNR.
2nd. row, right 45x53cm $62
Ambar Cushion. Reminiscent of church windows. Made by SWC. 1st. row, right. 35x38cm $44