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Various Embroidery

Item Info Price Colour Size Qty Order
Olive Tree Hanging Hanging portraying the indigenous Mediterranean olive tree. Fringe on bottom edge. Green and black embroidery. Specify colour of background. Made by PAS. 32x50cm $26
Photo Album Create a treasure trove of memories with these hand-embroidered photo albums. Fits photo size 10x15cm (4"x6"). Specify colour. Made by ASD. Small,12x17cm $15
Large,17x34cm $26
Baby Photo Album Special baby album in pink or blue. Fits photo size 10x15cm (4"x6"). Specify colour. Made by ASD. 21x30cm $32
Embroidered Taub The Taub is the traditional long Palestinian dress. The elegance and intricacy of the needlework was a sign of affluence in Palestinian society. This is a short version of the traditionel dress. Cotton blend. Falls at mid-calf. Made by UNR. Muliticolour on black body Medium $119
Large $119
Millwheel Tablecloth Since 1948, this design has beeen called the "millwheel". Tablecloth in pre-washed 100% cotton, for any occasion. Comes in four colours (see also next photo) and sizes. Specify colour. Made by SWC. 118cm square
4ft11in x 5ft
5ft x 6ft3in
5ft7in x 8ft4in
Millwheel table runners Table runners in same pattern and colours as above. Made by SWC. 36x70cm
14in x 28in
14in x 33in
14in x 3ft8in
Guest Hand Towels Bedouin with camel or donkey. Made in 100 pre-washed cotton. Made by SWC. 31x45cm $5
Hand towel with damask rose/millwheel pattern in 100% cotton. Specify colour. 31x45cm $7
Majdalawi short jacket Majdalawi is traditional Palestinian cloth woven by a male weaver on simple treadle looms, using black and indigo cotton treads combined with silk treads i fuchsia and turquoise. The cloth is now woven in Gaza City in the Arts and Crafts Village as part of a cultural preservation project. This short jacket has beautiful embroidery on front and back. Specify size. Made by IDN. Indigo cloth with fuchsia band $69
Tea Cozy Keep your tea hot with this beautifully embroidered cozy. Also a great way to hide unsightly kitchen appliances. Grape pattern on off-white backing. Specify colour. Made by SWC. 32x36cm $13
Tahriri Belt - straight This Tahriri (couching stich) belt will add colour to any outfit. An elegant addition for that special occasion! Colourfull embroidery on black backing. Specify colour. Made by WCCS. $25
Tahriri Belt - shield The Tahriri (couching stich) belts can be used with the Taub dress (see above). Here with a shield-shaped point in the centre. Specify colour. Made by WCCS. $29
Jelabiyya Beautiful dress in Syrian fabric with an exquisitely embroidered front panel. One size, but specify length. Made by ASD. $50
Floral Hanging This slender embroidery is a mixture of nature symbols and traditional patterns. Specify colour and background. Made by PAS. 15x60cm $25
The hanger is also available with "Welcome" inscription. Specify colour and background. Made by PAS. 15x60cm $25
Camel Apron Chef's apron in pre-washed cotton. Surif's famous camel and donkey motif. Adds the perfect bit of humour to any cooking experience! Spacious multipurpose pocket in the middle. Specify size. Made by SWC. White with embroidery Regular (56cm wide) $16
Large (66cm wide) $19
Star Place Setting and Potholder A wonderful way to bring the Holy Land to your home. Sets include four placemats and four napkins. Specify colour. Made by SWC. Napkins 36x36cm, place mats 30x46cm $64
Potholders available in the same design. Specify colour. 16x16cm $4.50
Tea Cozy Sampler The Palestinian interpretation of the English tea cozy. Decorated as a sampler with traditional designs. Specify colour. Made by SWC. 30x32cm $28
Caravan Tablecloth Our tablecloth takes you on a desert journey with camels and date palms. Specify size. Made by SWC. White with embroidery 130x130cm
4ft3in square
5ft4in square
5ft5in x 6ft10in
5ft11in x 9ft2in
Cape Stunning black cape with Bedouin designs embroidered in multicoloured threads. Pyramid and other abstract patterns. Made by UNR. Black with multicolour 76x108cm $175
Hanging Pockets Three beautifully embroidered pockets to hold your keys, bills, mail or cell phones. Hang it near your entertainment center - no more searching for the remotes! Specify colour. Made by PAS. 21x52cm $22
Table Mats and Runners Table linens in 100% cotton. Dress a small table up with a square mat, or use the larger sizes as place mats for your dinner table. Also runners in the same patterns. Made by BAWU. Cypress tree pattern. Left. Mat 28x28cm $13
Place Mat 31x39cm $15
Runner 33x66cm $31
Lozenge pattern. Middle. Mat 24x30cm $13
Place Mat 32x37cm $19
Runner 24x65cm $27
Nahle pattern. Right Mat 25x33cm $20
Runner 24x44cm $26
Runner 25x62cm $45
Red Candle Table Setting String of red candles will add a festive accent to your table. 100 % cotton. Machine wash, line dry. Made by SWC. 4 place mats, 4 napkins Mat 30x42cm napkins 36x36cm $64
Tablecloth 130x130cm $47
Four napkins 36x36cm $20
Holy Land Hangings Large rectangular hanging from Ramallah (left). This design is inspired by the embroidered front panels of traditional Palestinian dresses. Made by PAS. Red on black with sprinkles of colour. 35x44cm $39
El Hamdu Hanging (right). In stylized Arabic reads "Thank be to God". Embroidered on black cotton. Specify colour. Made by PAS. 25x44cm $19
Clerical Stoles Elegant stoles reminiscent of the Holy Land. Available with Jerusalem Cross or PCUSA logo (not shown). Beautiful embroidery around the edges with soft fringe at the ends. Specify colour. Made by SWC. Jerusalem cross, 15x110cm $25
Jerusalem cross, 15x125cm $27
PCUSA logo, 15x110cm $25
PCUSA logo, 15x125cm $27
Couching Stitch Front Panel The couching stitch has long been a tradition in the Bethlehem area. This frontpanel would have been added to a bride's weddingdress. A collector's item suitable for framing. Specify colour. Made by WCCS. 28x34cm $35
Majdalawi Portefolio. Full of pockets to hold all your important papers. Made by IDN. See photo. 24x32cm $20
Shield Hanging Wall hanging on black cotton. Embroidered in shades of red with tiny touches of orange and yellow. It portrays traditional agrarian patterns from the Palestinian countryside: cypress trees and hawthorns. Hanging shape is similar to the pointed front panel of a traditional Palestinian dress. Made by PAS. See photo. 24x39cm $25