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Olive-wood and Mother-of-Pearl

Item Info Colour Size Price Qty Order
Mother-of-Pearl Peace dove pin. One of three traditional symbols of the Holy Land carved by hand in Mother-of-Pearl. Material imported from Saudi Arabia. 2x3.5cm $2.50
Detailed Cross. (Left) 2x3cm $2
Jerusalem Cross.(Right) 2x2.5cm $2.50
Olive-wood Jewelry Peace dove pin (top left), one of three pieces of jewelry made from Holy Land olive-wood. 2.5x4cm $2.50
Jerusalem Cross. (Bottom Left) 3x3cm $2.50
Celtic Cross (Right). Choose size 4,6 or 8cm. 4cm $1.50
6cm $2
8cm $2.50
Small Nativity carvings
Small carvings of the nativity scene in olive-wood from Bethlehem. Can also be used as ornaments. Choose size 4 or 9cm. 4cm (right) $2
9cm (left) $4
Flight to Egypt
Beautifully carved in one piece of olive-wood. Joseph has a staff in the larger size only. Choose size. 14cm $13
17cm $18
Praying angel (right), carved in Bethlehem from local olive-wood. 10.5cm $13
Angel with Lute (left), carved in Bethlehem from local olive-wood. 10.5cm $13
Noah's Ark
Carved from olive-wood, comes in small and large. 7cm $38
12cm $60
Nativity Scene
Olive-wood manger and 11 nativity figures. (Up to 12cm) 23x32cm $57